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The People’s House: Since Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona on Saturday, her colleagues have responded in exactly the fashion you might expect—by completely freaking out. The attack on Giffords was a tragedy, and we join the rest of the nation in mourning those killed and hoping Giffords recovers. But we’d also like the rest of Congress to come to its senses. Today, Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican, proposed legislation to allow members of Congress to carry guns in the District, including on the House floor. That might conflict with legislation by Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican, banning guns within 1,000 feet of national politicians. Not to mention the proposal by Rep. Dan Burton, an Indiana Republican, to enclose the entire House floor in plexiglass. Maybe not having a voting member in the House isn’t so bad, after all? -4

Baltimore, D.C.: Washingtonian named its “Washingtonians of 2010” in the most recent issue. And after reading through it, we’re a little worried that they’re not sure what city they’re in. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the proudest Baltimore native this side of Omar Little, got one of the magazine’s nods. What next? Ray Lewis as Redskin of the year? -2

Package Not So Suspicious: Postal authorities are treading carefully at the mail facility at 3370 V St. NE, since an incendiary package was found there on Friday. So when a 911 call came in today about something suspicious, it was cause for alarm. Fortunately, it turned out just to be an “eccentric mailing,” U.S. Postal Service-speak for something that doesn’t seem like it should be in the mail, but won’t actually harm anyone. +1

Set in Stone: Darth Vader is already represented at the National Cathedral. So it’s probably about time that Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa join the sculpture collection there, as well. Cathedral Dean Samuel Lloyd says they’re being honored for their commitment to human rights and social justice. Presumably, Vader made it in for something else. +2

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