Usually, when a fight breaks out at a strip club, you can blame the macho patrons. But yesterday, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration was scheduled to look into a rumble that happened between two dancers. According to a police report, on Oct. 12, the dancers, employed by Skylark Lounge at 1943 New York Avenue NE, came to blows over a missing bag.

One dancer, Jeanine Reed—stage name “Ice”— told ABRA investigators she was drinking that night, and doesn’t remember much of what happened. But a witness told investigators Ice, who wasn’t working, attacked another dancer in the dressing room. Ice allegedly stood over the dancer, who was sitting, and began “swinging her hands.” The other dancer became “threatened and hit Ice in the face with the glass she had been holding.”

The two were separated by security and eventually transported to two different hospitals. The club fired them.

Skylark manager Terell Johnson says the other dancer, whose stage name is “Lovely,” was just defending herself. She was innocently sipping champagne when Reed “just hit her.” He doesn’t remember anything about a bag. He says it appeared as if Reed had too much to drink.

Considering that buying dancers drinks has long been a part of strip club culture, it’s surprising that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often.

ABRA spokesperson Cynthia Simms says it appears as if yesterday’s  hearing was postponed, and will likely take place next week.

By e-mail message, Reed tells City Desk she’s moved on and waxes philosophical.  Her message in full:

Contrary to many beliefs, there are more than two sides to a coin. Yet, it is what the coin is made of that holds value!! This also applies to humans but the difference is the value lies in the truth. My only comment about the night in question is ”I wish the Skylark the very best during this trying and most complex time. I am thankful for the opportunity and wish them, as well as all the employees there the very best! It is unfortunate that we see things differently but life is like that at times. Fortunately, for me it was an eye opening experience and with that LIFE MUST GO ON!!! All clubs have incidents just so happen I was involved and with that I wish everyone there God  speed!!! Yesterday is a memory, today is almost gone and tomorrow if we see it, will be a blessing!! Sometimes when we hold on to the past, we can not make way for our future. So, with that, what’s done is done, I must move on!!!’

Photo by quinn.anya via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic