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NFL coaches almost never say anything intriguing, but the Ravens’ John Harbaugh shocked the world, or at least got local sportsradio phone lines lit up, by using his year-end press conference the other day to boast at how his Baltimore team had decided to encroach on the Redskins’ turf.

“We’re trying to take control of this whole area,” Harbaugh said. “We’ll take over Washington, D.C. while we’re at it.”

Seemed wacko, right?

Well, looks like Harbaugh’s players have already accepted their coach’s wacko D.C. mission the way NASA took to JFK’s wacko landing-on-the-moon pronouncements.  A party promoter using the name Suite 202 is touting the massive birthday bash that Ravens running back Ray Rice will throw this Friday at Lux Lounge on New York Ave. NW.

Yeah, in Washington, D.C.

Not Baltimore.

According to the invite: “The star-studded night will be filled with Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Washington Wizards, other celebrity guests, socialites, and trendsetters of Washington DC.”

So the Ravens have recruited D.C. athletes, Redskins even, to assist in the takeover?


This all seems a little fishy, coming so soon after Harbaugh set the bar. But, trusty Wikipedia says Rice’s 24th birthday really is this weekend. And Ray let it be known this season that he knows his way around the Lux Lounge!

Bottom line: Dan Snyder should be very, very scared…