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A fabulous feud festers along the banks of the Potomac.

The residents of the Watergate are trying to muscle the National Park Service into getting rid of trees along the river because they block the view and reduce property values at the iconic condo.

The feds, for now, say the trees will stay.

“If every time someone’s view is obstructed, we cut trees down, it would be devastating to the city,” Harriet Tregoning, D.C. planning director and member of the National Capital Planning Commission, told the Georgetown Dish.

Seriously, Harriet!

I mean, who gave these uppity Watergate folks the crazy idea that they can bully the federal government into letting them call the landscaping shots along the Potomac just to improve THEIR views and enhance THEIR property values?

Hmmmm… maybe THIS guy?

Photo by DF Shapinsky for PINGNews.com/Shapinsky MultiMedia via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0