This past Saturday, we questioned D.C. Child and Family Services Agency Director Roque Gerald‘s weird WaPo editorial in which he claimed residential treatment placements hit an “historic low of 44 in 2010.”

Today we come to you with more proof that Gerald is wrong.

We wrote:

“Unless his number of kids in RTCs has dramatically dropped in the last few months, he’s wrong. According to CFSA documents submitted to its long-standing court monitor, the agency had more than 70 children in residential placements as of Aug. 31.

I had asked Gerald and others at CFSA about this discrepancy a few months ago. What I got was a bunch of nonsense. It basically amounted to this bizarre logic: Some residential placements were counted as residential placements for the court monitor and not for their own in-house stats. It was also clear that some facilities that were considered RTCs by our own juvenile-justice system got no such designation by our own child-welfare agency.”

New documents obtained by Washington City Paper show that as of September 31, the agency had 70 children placed in residential treatment centers. A month later, it had 67 children in RTCs. So unless the agency really started discharging kids at a faster rate in the last two months of 2010, Gerald is just mistaken. Or worse.

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