Bruce Allen‘s all-nostalgia, all-the-time mindset apparently runs in the family.

Bruce’s older brother George Allen is mounting a comeback.

George, the eldest son of the deceased Redskins coach and, on a very related note, possessor of one of the most recognizable names in the region, was run out of the U.S. Capitol in 2006.

His downfall, as the legend holds, began when he rallied animus among an overwhelmingly Caucasian crowd at one of his campaign rallies against a young American of Indian descent—and Democratic operative—in their midst by calling the youngster “macaca.”

Allen then lied about what he’d done again and again, claiming, among other absurdities, that he’d actually called the operative “Mohawk,” even though nobody on the premises had a mohawk. Turns out “macaca” is an insult directed at folks of color in some parts of the world, including Allen’s mother’s native Tunisia.

The slur was caught on tape and called “the most famous online gotcha video of all time.” Allen saw his gargantuan lead in the polls over Jim Webb (D) disappear by election day, as he went from future presidential contender to national punchline and U.S. Senator to ex-U.S. Senator.

But now he’s back, like the Redskins gold pants.

And no matter what you think of the Allen boys, damn, their dad was awesome.