Rest easy people: It’s alive!

The Wizards fell to the Knicks last night atMadison Square Garden. So I can still claim to have as many welterweight title belts, Nobel Peace Prizes and winning Powerball tickets as the 2010-11 Wizards do road wins.

That’s the team’s 21st straight road loss this season. Every single away game has gone in the L column.

I thought The Streak was going to end last night. The Knicks were barely above .500 at home (10-9) heading into the game and our boys were coming off the biggest win of the year, a two-pointer over Boston on Saturday. (The Wiz, horrible as they surely are, are 13-9 at the Verizon Center.)

I even tried to get a small bet in on the Wizards before tipoff with an e-mail to somebody who happened to be in Vegas, but he couldn’t play courier in time.

I’ve never bet on or even tried to bet on the Wizards in my life. Credit goes to The Streak. Defeat by defeat, it’s getting interestinger and interestinger. Eight more games like last night’s, and the Wizards tie the NBA record for consecutive road losses.

Seventeen more, and they break the local mark for consecutive road losses by a pro team (the 1974-1975 Washington Capitals).

So it’s a good thing the wager wasn’t placed. That means I still have my money AND my interest in the Wizards’ season. I doubt that interest will survive a win.  Sports rooting doesen’t get much more macabre than watching a losing streak. Around here, we haven’t had this many folks checking the sports pages to see if something’s alive since Barbaro broke down.

The Wiz are back home to host the Denver Nuggets tonight at Verizon Center. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Wake me when they’re on the road again. I just can’t wait…