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Have you read this week’s cover story about the Mommy Fights on the D.C. Urban Moms message board? If not, let some of the best commenters entice you in. We’ve collected our favorite comments from our site and Fark that really sum up the horrid underbelly of the District. It’s a place where rich parents ignore their children and spend their time judging others for their parenting choices. Come on in and throw some shit at the fan!

For the very best, check out the FARK comments:

HotWingConspiracy: Some articles make me root for the terrorists.

the_vicious_fez: I don’t have kids, but now I’m tempted to have one just so I can make a stroller out of one of those ugly metal folding chairs, some chicken wire, and an Eagles jersey. Throw on some lawn mower tires for the bigger pot holes and I’d be a walking fark you to the stroller status symbol set.

FatherDale: Sounds like a pile of people who need to be neutered.

Belatryx: So it’s fark with actual women?

hobodojo: Jesus. Every now and then I think I want to have kids, and then I read about shiat like this. It makes me hug my abdomen and murmur to my eggs “Don’t worry, babies. It’s ok. Mama won’t bring you into the world.”

fredbox: Reason #523 I’m grateful to have had the vasectomy

xanadian: All I got from that article (what of it I read) was: 1. Wimmin be biatchin…and… 2. Some guys lost their testicles loooooong ago.

Some of the best comments on our site:
Colonel K: DCUM is a fine example of everything that’s going wrong with Washington DC. What could be worse than a bunch of spoiled and misinformed parents rabbiting on about parenthood. And stop bringing those big ass strollers on the Metro. Taking up all the space.

Amanda: Carry on. Enjoy the asylum you’ve created for each other. The better parents escaped the cuckoo’s nest long ago.

dad: I like how the part where they whine about cost of living is sandwiched between the $900 strollers and the $30k preschools.

Caligirl: I’m so glad I live in California. I’ll take fruits and nuts over type-A any day. DC people, you need to RELAX! Worry about things that actually matter.

AlphaGeek: Surprise surprise. Another website full of clucking hens who have nothing better to do than to create drama to make their lives interesting. If you have a shred of sense, stay away from all of them!

And maybe the best of all from a D.C. Urban Mom herself: When we concluded (after some very serious research) that these moms were all nasty to each other because of their sexless love lives, one responded: “Shows what she knows. Not only are we having sex, DH and I broke the bed last night.” We’re still waiting for a fellow Urban Mom to judge her on what must be a poor-quality bed frame. Wild parent sex requires a sturdy and overpriced bed, even if it only starts rocking once a month.