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Snow Day: Federal workers have three alternatives for dealing with the ice storm expected to roll through the region tomorrow: Work from home; take unscheduled leave; or do neither, and spend 13 hours commuting home tomorrow night, just like last week’s rush hour snowstorm. Chastened by the scolding the feds got from local governments around the region, the Office of Personnel Management decided to give employees the option ahead of time. Expect Pepco to take it upon itself to opt for “unscheduled leave,” if last week’s performance was any guide. -2

How to Get Rich Slow
: The sea of blue suits and red ties on the Metro every morning means it’s not exactly a radical statement that D.C. can be a fairly conservative town. Apparently that sentiment extends from the sartorial realm to the financial. A new report from Bank of America, the Merrill Lynch Affluent Insights Quarterly (so named because BofA gobbled up Merrill Lynch in the middle of the economic crisis two years ago), finds that 36 percent of local investors consider themselves “conservative” in their investment strategy—though that’s actually lower than the national average of 47 percent. What that means, besides the fact that a lot of people around town have a lot of bonds, we aren’t really sure; if we knew anything about investing or how to make money, would we be working as journalists? -1

Are You Smarter Than a Car Thief?: Another spate of cold weather, another spell of car thefts that could easily have been avoided by taking basic precautions. And by basic precautions, we mean, “Not leaving the car running, out of your sight, with the doors unlocked.” For the second time this month, police send around a reminder that car thieves can take advantage of such a situation, in response to reports of stolen autos that were left unattended. Adding insult to injury: That’s actually an offense they can ticket you for. -3

The Revolution Will Not Be Gamed: People of Washington! A great hero walks in our midst. Well, properly, he walks in the midst of the people of Herndon, but we’re sure he makes his way into the District every now and then. 1o-year-old Ryota Wada has officially been named “Youngest Gamer to Achieve a Perfect Score on Dance Dance Revolution” in the Guinness Book of World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition. (In related news, the Guinness Book of World Records has really been on an expansion kick lately.) +2

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