It’s Super Bowl week, but instead of preparing to take on the AFC champions, Dan Snyder is taking on a newspaper article. Several months after he was the subject of a Washington City Paper cover story, the owner of the Redskins has filed suit over our coverage.

Snyder’s suit was filed late Wednesday—curiously, in New York, rather than in any of the Washington-area jurisdictions where City Paper circulates.

Earlier in the day, City Paper publisher Amy Austin published a letter to readers defending columnist Dave McKenna‘s reporting. The Snyder suit specifies four alleged misstatements in the story, and also claims that a cover illustration depicting Snyder with horns and a goatee was anti-Semitic. We expect the claims to be defended vigorously. We’ve also made clear that we think the allegation of bigotry is sensationalistic and absurd.

The bottom line is: It’s sad that Snyder, who has such a public relations apparatus at his disposal, has chosen to turn to litigation instead—especially in a court deep in Giants country.

Read Snyder’s full complaint after the jump.

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