Holla Back D.C. thinks it’s inappropriate for couples to spend Valentine’s Day getting off to domestic violence. The feminist organization is demanding that the National Museum of Crime and Punishment nix its “Crimes of Passion” tour, a promotion tied to the romantic holiday.

“Intimate Partner Violence results in three (3) homicides in the United States every day,” explains a Holla Back  blog post. “These lives are not simply snuffed out as acts of ‘passion,’ but are the horrific results of sustained patterns of psychological, sexual, and physical abuse as a means of sustaining power and control in an intimate relationship.”

“Crimes of Passion,” set to run from tomorrow through the 14th,  certainly sounds like a candidate for America’s Most Dubious Museum Promotions. Couples willing to pay 30 bucks will be bound together and then guided to various exhibits in the museum including “special exhibit boards placed throughout explaining various crimes of passion.” The museum says that many of the featured killings took place in the Washington area.

“Given that the D.C. police department alone receives over 20,000 domestic violence-related calls a year, the exhibit certainly won’t be lacking in material!” TBD writer Amanda Hess points out.

The museum, located  at 575 7th St. NW, is apparently sensitive to such criticisms. Its site currently displays a disclaimer that says that domestic violence deserves “serious attention.” Holla Back D.C. has started a petition that orders the museum “live up to their social responsibility.”

The museum couldn’t be reached for comment.