If Sunday night’s home-invasion robbery in Brookland had not come to such a horrific end, it’s a good bet D.C. would be spending this week pondering the identity of the city’s newest pseudonymous drug-culture celebrity: The Weedman.

The three-man crew who allegedly stormed the group-house home of six Catholic University students at about 10:30 that night apparently thought they knew. Though two of the three were killed during the ensuing shootout, surviving crew member Steffan Fieldstold cops he and his companions had gone in search of drugs, according to court papers.

Armed and masked, two of the crew entered through the front door and one from the back, according to the filings, which also say there were ten people inside the house during the incident. Some of those people were kicked as the team marauded.

Things went wrong for the crew when cops got word of the robbery in progress. Metropolitan Police Department officers showed up in force, quickly surrounding the two-story brick in the 1000 block of Irving Street NE.

After about 30 minutes, Fields, Akeem Jamaal Cayo and Davon Sealy allegedly tried to shoot their way out. Sealy and Cayo went down in what was likely a hail of bullets. Fields was collared and arrested for first degree burglary while armed. He has a March 3 court hearing.

In court papers, Fields said “he had been at the residence before. Once for a party and a second time to purchase weed.” Fields told police they’d been looking for the stash of someone he referred to as the “Weedman,” according to the court papers.

A police official speaking on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation says police believe the Weedman is actually a group of pot-dealers-cum-CUA-students. The official says cops found evidence and plan to bring charges against the students.

Asked about the identity and future of the Weedman, MPD spokeswoman Gwen Crump said she wouldn’t comment on an ongoing investigation. A CUA spokeswoman also declined comment.

One CUA student who lives in the house at which the robbery took place seems to at least have a passing familiarity with weed. One of his Facebook friends, also a CUA student, posted what appears to be a picture of two intersecting spliffs, put together to form the shape of a cross. “A thing of beauty,” wrote the housemate below the pic.

Photo of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, located adjacent to the Catholic University of America, by Gore Fiendus (Jerry Frausto) using an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license