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Don’t Feed the Escalators: Passengers at the Foggy Bottom station were instructed to funnel onto the one “working” escalator as they exited their train this morning. Since Foggy Bottom has some of the system’s least reliable escalators, this isn’t surprising in itself. Unfortunately, that escalator also ceased to function properly when stairs at its base collapsed. No one was severely injured, but many riders were shaken up. -2

Metro Magic: Not to pile on the Metro news this afternoon, but here’s a friendly reminder that the system will be shut down in a few places over the coming three-day weekend for repairs. The Smithsonian and Federal Triangle stations will be closed, there will be no service on the Blue and Orange lines between Metro Center and L’Enfant Plaza from 10 p.m. Friday through midnight Monday, and you’ll have to juggle the buses that will be compensating for trains. Maybe it’s best to curtail your partying and stay sober so you don’t miss one…or so you don’t piss off Richard Sarles. -2

Watch Your Mouth: “Snowmaggeddon” had landed on Merriam-Webster’s New Words and Slang list. It looks like “Snowpocalypse” made it, too. It’s really lovely that our regional slang for a freak weather phenomenon is gaining national recognition, but the list’s format depends on user submissions, which means our unique turns of phrase are on the same level as…”Belieber.” +1

Low Prices: Not the Beginning: The Wal-Mart at New York Avenue, Bladensburg Road, and Montana Avenue NE in Ward 5 will likely be the first of the glut of Wal-Marts coming to the District to break ground. The developer, Rick Walker, released rudimentary drawings of the site today and some officials—like the Office of Planning’s Harriet Tregoninghave “issues” with the plans. It’s easy to see why: Not only do the plans look like the worst of suburban sprawl, the illustrations look like slides put together in PowerPoint, circa 1999. -2

Yesterday’s Needle rating47 Today’s score: -5 Friday Bonus Points: +2 Today’s Needle Rating: 44