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Fully Loaded: D.C. government offices were closed today for President’s Day, which most years is a holiday, but this year is an unpaid furlough for city employees. On his day off, though, D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown had his choice of not one, but two, “fully loaded” Lincoln Navigators to ride around town—one with a grey interior, and one with a black interior that he requested because he apparently didn’t like the grey one. We’re sure city employees are glad to have an unpaid day off to help offset the cost of leasing two SUVs for Brown, just as we’re glad to know some share of our tax dollars are devoted to the same purpose. -4

Run, Teddy: In cities where the local baseball franchises might be expected to contend for the World Series, late February brings hope and excitement. Around here, late February just means it’s time to cast the new president mascots. Pre-screened competitors had to sprint, dance, and celebrate on Saturday at Nationals Park during tryouts for this season’s racing squad. Unless, that is, they were trying out for Teddy Roosevelt, in which case the celebrating isn’t likely to come in all that handy. +2

On the Whole, I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia: The next time you have a craving for a cheesesteak, getting a real one could be easier. Megabus is soon to expand its service between D.C. and Philadelphia, adding five new trips several days a week to bring the total to 13. No word on whether the bus plans to stop directly at 9th and Passayunk to make for an easier Pat’s run, though. +1

Yes, It’s Still February: Anyone dreaming of the beach after Friday’s unseasonable warmth is likely to be disappointed tonight; the District is due for a delightful 2-4 inches of sleet, ice, and snow overnight. Within a few years, of course, these February snowstorms will be a thing of the past, thanks to gas-guzzling Lincoln Navigators (some owned by the D.C. government) and other factors causing climate change. Regardless, expect to see a few college kids trying to hike through the snow in flip-flops tomorrow. -3

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