In its report on health and human services, Mayor Vince Gray‘s transition team outline key areas that need improvement with various District agencies. The report [PDF], submitted by Maria Gomez and Peter Edelman, suggests the District’s Child and Family Services Agency needs a lot of work.

Among the five issues highlighted, the team noted the agency must address its “weak management and top-heavy agency structure.” Ouch.

The other points the team stressed:

* “Shift focus to preventing abuse and maintaining children in families, to address the expensive and harmful current practice of unnecessarily removing children from their birth families.”

* “Implement key policy and practice changes to improve use of kinship care.”

*Review performance of Collaboratives and chart course forward—-either reengineering investment in prevention entirely; keep some dispense with others; or retain Collaboratives but require them to measure and report outcomes publicly.”

*”Contract out services for older youth to providers with strong track records in youth education and development (agency currently receives $1M in federal funding to assist youth aging out of the system and reports only serving 30 youth).”

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