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Fully Responsible: D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown is finally showing signs of realizing that ordering two high-end SUVs in the middle of a budget crunch might not be the key to everlasting gratitude among his constituents. He’s e-mailing District residents who complain about the Lincoln Navigators to take “full responsibility” for the lease deal. Of course, since he says the deals weren’t his fault, but instead blames rogue staffers, it’s not clear Brown knows what “full responsibility” actually means. But hey! It’s a start. -3

Gun Shy: Every manner of nightmare has been predicted for whenever Walmart finally opens its doors in the District—from mom and pop stores closing up to wages plummeting almost immediately. All of that may or may not still come to pass. But at least the city’s unlicensed arms dealers won’t have to worry about black market prices being undercut: Walmart won’t sell guns here. No word on whether they’ll sell censored CDs. +2

Snow Job: Another winter storm, another day after wondering what happened to all the snow—it’s the story of D.C.’s winter so far this season. Last night, the forecast called for doom and gloom, and instead, Washingtonians awoke to find an inch or so of sleet on the streets (and schools delayed two hours). What went wrong? There are plenty of meteorological explanations; suffice it to say we think the extra greenhouse gases emitted by Kwame Brown’s second Lincoln Navigator played a part, too. +1

Book Bonanza: Any luddites who, like us, haven’t yet ditched paper books for e-reader files should make their way post-haste to the vicinity of Farragut North. The Borders at 18th and L streets NW is, evidently, all but giving away its inventory, liquidating ahead of bankruptcy proceedings. Magazines are 40 percent off. Which means you can pick up this week’s Washington City Paper there for 40 percent of the usual $0! +2

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