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Though the Metropolitan Police Department keeps track of their gigs, go-go act Backyard Band is known to attract a mellow “Grown and Sexy” crowd. But on Feb. 13, when the band performed at nightclub The Scene at 2221 Adams Place NE, some of the club’s patrons may have gotten out of hand.

At an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration hearing yesterday, ABRA investigator Vincent Parker told the board he was around on the 13th, when a woman was stabbed near the club at about 3:45 a.m., and that things had been tense earlier. “I observed numerous small skirmishes between patrons,” Parker told the board of the club’s atmosphere.

Sometime after the music ended, Parker said there was a fight between two groups of women at the corner of Queens Chapel Road NE and Adams Place NE. A woman was stabbed in the leg. During his investigation, Parker encountered reports that the conflict had started inside the club. Club owner Willie Blakeney said he didn’t remember any serious conflicts happening inside his business that night.

But Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier believed the club was culpable, and closed it for several days. She also asked the board to revoke The Scene’s liquor license. City Desk has requested comment from the chief.

The board hasn’t made a final decision as to whether they will honor Lanier’s request. They’ve asked The Scene to provide an updated security plan and diagram of its cameras. They’ve also asked the club about making arrangements to bulk up its MPD security, which it’d cut back by one unit on the night of the stabbing. The board will follow up on the matter with a status hearing. The date of the hearing hasn’t been announced yet.