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The Montgomery County “Semen Squirter,” who earned his nickname by squirting semen from a squirt bottle on women at a Giant and a Michael’s craft store in Gaithersburg, has now been sentenced. But he’s not going to jail.

Michael Wayne Edwards, Jr. , who was originally arrested on charges of a July 15 squirting incident, and then confessed to three more squirting offenses at the same Gaithersburg Giant, was sentenced Thursday to a three-year probation period. (Lawyers dropped the other three squirting charges as part of the plea bargain.)

Edwards received national attention last August (including from us) when details of his squirting campaign became public. Edwards filled a small squirt bottle (like the ones normally used for hand sanitizer) with semen, snuck up behind women in the grocery store, and sprayed them. Sometimes he took pictures of his accomplishments with his cell phone.

At the sentencing, one of Edwards’ victims spoke, saying “this was a traumatic event for me.”

As for Edwards, he says he’s ashamed for his actions, according to The Washington Post. “It’s a shameful act,” he said. “It won’t happen again.”

Judge Stephen P. Johnson, who decided on the probation, said his main goal was to ensure Edwards never did anything like this again and cautioned Edwards to shape up. He also issued two years of “back-up” time to be served if Edwards gets in trouble again.

If Edwards shows up before the court any more, Johnson warned, “we will have an entirely different conversation.”