Over the weekend, Sidwell Friends won championships in both boys and girls basketball. The boys whupped Flint Hill, 72-54, in the MAC final. The girls took the ISL-A title with a 41-31 win over St. Andrews at Bullis.

What a treat it is to type such wonderful news about Sidwell athletics!

Butt seriously: I’m aware some feelings are still hurt over a report in these pages last fall on the Sidwell football team, at a time when the Fighting Quakers weren’t showing a whole lot of fight.

Sidwell folks let me know what a hack and horrible human being I am for writing what I wrote. One parent told me that because of my story, an evil character in a student drama on the school stage last semester was named “Dave McKenna.” And this basketball season, I heard that fans from rival Maret taunted Sidwell fans by cheering “Dave….McKenna….Dave…McKenna” during the game.

It’s humbling to represent something to the youth of the city. Even something hideous!

But the football team really was lousy enough to be written about. And that feud seems so 2010 to me now.

So, Sidwell, now that I’ve imparted the good as well as the bad, as the great Todd Rundgren asked so melodically: Can we still be friends?