Fishbowl D.C. editor (and former Washington City Paper cover subject) Betsy Rothstein and arts editor (and former City Paper managing editor) Andrew Beaujon matched up yesterday in a Twitter battle for the ages. Though since Beaujon and Rothstein wind up in Twitter spats nearly weekly, maybe it wasn’t quite for the ages… but it was pretty entertaining.

The whole thing appears to have started with a post on Fishbowl by intern Alec Jacobs that, in turn, was about a post by TBD writer (and another former City Paper staffer) Amanda Hess. So if you’re scoring at home, yes, this item you’re reading is a blog post about a series of Twitter posts about a media gossip post about a post about the Oscars.

Assuming the various levels of recursive pointlessness involved here haven’t scared you off, here is our dramatic reenactment of the Twitter fight:

YouTube video

A transcript is below the jump. (Note: We were inspired to make this movie by this Deadspin post.)

@FishbowlDC: Abeaujon: Stop picking on an intern. WTF is your problem? And you have no idea what you’re talking about. We should pinch you.

@FishbowlDC: P.S. Not that @alecjacobs can’t handle you, he can. He can eat you for breakfast. Or, er, pinch you. [Insert laughter here Beaujon]

@FishbowlDC: @abeaujon: And pls. You’re counseling our intern on what is “playful” touching? You sound like someone I wouldn’t want in my neighborhood.

@ABeaujon: @FishbowlDC Betsy, I assure you, I wouldn’t want to be in your neighborhood either!

@ABeaujon: @FishbowlDC (metaphorically, of course; I’m sure where you live is very nice!)

@FishbowlDC: .@abeaujon Good then we’ll never move in together. Great. In the meantime, you can talk all the stupid you want to our intern @alecjacobs.

@ABeaujon: @FishbowlDC He did do a great job of talking stupid. I look forward to more of it!

@FishbowlDC: .@abeaujon Fact is, you counseling our intern on appropriate touching just sounds plain creepy.

@FishbowlDC: .@abeaujon He did a great job with the item. Considering how ridiculous your colleague’s story was. That was the point. Get it?

@ABeaujon: @FishbowlDC Now we’re coming full circle. His post was about @amandahess saying a touch was creepy! Love you, love your work, don’t stop.

@FishbowlDC: .@abeaujon This is your prob, Andrew. You arguments make no sense. We’re not full circle to anything except that you should get pinched.

@ABeaujon: @FishbowlDC I’m pinching myself that you’re talking with me! Really, it makes every day like spring.

@FishbowlDC: .@abeaujon Ahhh…too bad feeling isn’t mutual. Keep pinching yourself though… a good start to getting real insight.

@ABeaujon: @FishbowlDC I think my real problem is how much smarter than me both of you are.

@FishbowlDC: .@abeaujon Well, there’s no test on who is smarter, but between the two of us we could pinch the hell out of you. Think of it as a service.

@ABeaujon: @FishbowlDC Betsy, I’d fail that test against you any day. I’m sure most people who read both of us would agree. You arguments make sense.

@FishbowlDC: .@abeaujon You’d fail a pinching test? I think we might kill each other if together for too long.

@FishbowlDC: .@abeaujon And really, I don’t think many people really read us both. We are very different, Andrew. Is that not clear enough yet?

@ABeaujon: @FishbowlDC It’s clear.

@FishbowlDC: .@abeaujon Good.