So presto-chango, the Washington Wizards are transforming again?

It’s been 14 years since our NBA team changed from “The Washington Bullets” to the “The Washington Wizards,” and now a new logo with the old red-white-and-blue color scheme is on its way. Washington Post beat reporter Michael Lee alerted readers to what may have been a leaked image of the design, on a jacket featuring NBA logos, early this morning. And the fans are not amused.

Reactions on Twitter and comments from Post readers are generally ranging from disgust at worst to ambivalent at best. That’s probably because the “new” logo is basically a color change. (But I kinda like it; with thicker lines and brighter red and blue hues, it stands out from traditional basketball logos.)

Never fear, though—Post sports blogger (or bogger) Dan Steinberg reported early this afternoon that the logo has been replaced with the teal and gold one you already know. “It was obviously a mistake,” a representative from JH Design Group, which made the jacket, tells Steinberg.

Design crisis averted! Now if only the team could win a few games and avert a basketball crisis, too.