The Metropolitan Police Department seems big on traps of late. Saturday, in a sting that targeted websites that advertise prostitutes, MPD arrested at least two women: Kiara Smith and Vickie Chan, both 21.Court records say Smith was arrested at the Embassy Suites Hotel on 10th Street NW. Chan was arrested at a Holiday Inn at 1501 Rhode Island Ave. NW. Their lawyer hasn’t responded to a request for comment yet.

In court documents, MPD says the sting went after suspects “utilizing web pages that condone the advertising of prostitution on the internet.” Chan, for instance, was found through listings site An MPD source says police are specifically targeting that website, and that the sting is ongoing.

After meeting up with Chan, who’s from California, in a hotel room, the undercover officer asked how much she charged. Chan allegedly responded that her rate was $140 for 30 minutes and $230 for an hour.

According to documents, from there, the conversation got raunchy, with the undercover officer asking for anal sex. The police source says that’s because such explicit talk makes for a better case: “The more specific [the conversation gets] the better off it is for the prosecutors.”

And it definitely got specific with Chan. As a warning, the conversation found in court documents and detailed below is explicit and could be considered offensive.

UC [undercover officer]: OK, all I need is thirty minutes (UC hands over $150.00). Can I fuck you in the ass?

D1 [Chan]: No, I don’t do that (D1 begins removing her clothes).

UC: Can I fuck you in the pussy from the back?

D1: Yeah, that’s fine, because it hurt when I get fucked in the ass (D1 begins removing her clothes).

UC: I like fucking from the back.

D1:You can fuck me, but not in the ass.

The undercover then gave the arrest signal, according to court papers. Chan was arrested and MPD found $2,400 in the hotel room’s safe. Court papers say things went similarly for Smith, who is also from California. Both Chan and Smith have pleaded not guilty to sexual solicitation.

Photo by Daquella manera via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0