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Happy Anniversary!: One year ago today, the institution of marriage came under a withering assault here in the District, when same-sex unions were first allowed after the mandatory six-day wait for a license (the law took effect March 3). Or at least, so the forces who want to deny a basic human right to people because of their sexual orientation would have us believe. The actual stats seem to tell a different story: Between March 3, 2009, and March 2, 2010, D.C. issued 3,101 marriage licenses. Between March 3, 2010, and March 2, 2011, D.C. issued 6,604 marriage licenses. Clearly, marriage is under attack. +5

Georgetown Targeted: There was a time when shopping at Target was considered slightly declassé, as if the mere fact that the prices were reasonable meant those who could afford to shop elsewhere should. The recession has, naturally, completely obliterated that notion. Which is why it’s not as surprising as it once would have been that Georgetown is now eagerly awaiting the signing of a lease to bring Target to the flagging Georgetown Park Mall. (Bloomingdale’s is also on the way, apparently.) West of 31st Street, people will, presumably, still insist on pronouncing the name of the store, “Tar-ZHAY.” +2

Time Runs Out: Phone customers have been able to dial 936-1212 for the weather and 844-1212 for the time long enough that the numbers used to be WE6-1212 and TI4-1212 (WE for “weather” and TI for “time,” naturally). By June 1, those numbers will be history, as Verizon is pulling the plug on both. There was a bit of a generation gap in Washington City Paper‘s offices about the matter this morning; those of us who were old enough to care what the weather was in the years before everyone had high-speed Internet or smart phones noticed the news, the others didn’t. Actually, we should probably start over—once upon a time, people used to have “landlines,” from which they would occasionally dial a phone number to learn the time or the weather, instead of just opening an app. -2

March Sadness: The last 24 hours have not been good for D.C. college basketball teams. On Tuesday night, George Washington washed out of the Atlantic 10 conference tournament, losing 71-59 in overtime to St. Joseph’s (as the Philadelphians’ hawk mascot flapped on obliviously). This afternoon, Georgetown continued its flailing end to the season, losing to Connecticut 79-62 in the Big East tournament. (Though at least they first got to see rivals Villanova lose an upset last night to the University of South Florida.) Maryland’s chance to lose its own first round conference tournament game comes tomorrow, when ACC action kicks off. -3

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