Georgetown, NY: Turns out D.C. isn’t quite ready for the Gossip Girl treatment. A new series potentially set in Georgetown (called, appropriately enough, Georgetown) is reportedly under development by O.C. and Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz. Now comes word, however, that it’ll be shot in Brooklyn. At least that will mean plenty of amusing scenes where exterior shots from New York are juxtaposed with stock footage of D.C. landmarks. -2

Fuel for the Fire: This time, it’s okay to complain about the effect of a potential catastrophe on traffic. Authorities say no one was injured during a morning fire at a Georgetown gas station, even though three people were at the station when the blaze broke out. A neighboring restaurant was also damaged. The apparent cause? Working on a fuel pump near a space heater. Which, evidently, is exactly as bad an idea as it sounds like. -2

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? Yes, Actually: Early Thursday morning, you may think an air raid is underway. You will be wrong. Pentagon officials say Exercise Falcon Virgo, which is designed to help the military practice intercepting flights over the D.C. area, will require some military planes to, well, intercept flights over the D.C. area. The flights will happen between midnight and 3 a.m., so if you hear the same sounds later in the day, it may really be an air raid. +1

Warehouse District: Retrieving guns and drugs just got easier for at least one group of people in D.C.—Metropolitan Police Department officers. MPD is opening a new, $20 million evidence warehouse where seized contraband and other assorted trinkets necessary for police work will be stored, near DC Village in Southwest. The rest of us, though, will just have to remember where we hid the stuff. +1

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