Today, a kid briefly turned his elementary school into Studio 54, bringing in a little cocaine. At least enough to share with four other students. DCPS has the details:

“Today, a student Thomson Elementary School brought an undetermined amount of cocaine to school and shared it with others in his class. Four of the students who received the cocaine ingested it, some orally and others inhaled it through the nose. It is unknown at this time how much each student ingested.

The students’ teacher spoke with the student who distributed the cocaine and alerted the main office. The four students were evaluated by the school nurse and transported to the hospital as a precaution. A fifth student, who did not ingest the drug, was also transported as a precaution. All are reportedly OK.

School leadership at Thomson ES notified the parents of the students involved and met a group of parents after school to address their concerns regarding the incident. A letter from school leadership also was sent home explaining what had happened (see attached).

School is not in session Friday as it is a professional development day for teachers. Counselors will be at the school on Monday to discuss the incident with the student body and teachers. The counselors will provide information to educate students about the dangers of drugs and offer advice on drug prevention.

The student who brought the cocaine to school has been charged with Possession Controlled Substance (cocaine). The Office of Attorney General handles juvenile matters and will determine how to proceed with charges given the age of the student.”