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Neglect o’ the Irish: Georgetown is not just a place to get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day; the neighborhood has long established Irish roots, showcased in no small part by Holy Rood Cemetery off Wisconsin Avenue (some neighborhood-boundary purists would say it’s actually on the border of Burleith and Glover Park). Unfortunately, the final resting place for many Irish Georgetowners (and D.C. residents of other lineages, too) has been long neglected by Georgetown University, which found itself the custodian of the cemetery after Holy Trinity Church, formerly affiliated with the university, was transferred to the Archdiocese of Washington during World War II. The Georgetown Metropolitan chronicles GU’s poor cemetery maintenance, suggesting that the university would rather move the bodies and capitalize on Holy Rood’s amazing views—instead of pruning its bushes or keeping gravestones upright. -1

Unwelcome Bedfellows: Although bedbugs don’t carry diseases, they’re still gross—and definitely not something one would like to find upon checking into or out of a hospital. Unfortunately, United Medical Center now has to add “tiny little bloodsucking beasts” to its growing list of problems: Reportedly, a psychiatric patient transmitted bedbugs upon admission to the Ward 8 facility and a different patient said that a visitor had suffered a bite. -2

Get Your Big-Box Books While You Can: Borders’ last hurrah is this weekend; the company, which has teetered on the brink of bankruptcy for some time now, seems to have finally been pushed over the edge. Its two District locations, one at 18th and L streets NW downtown and another in Friendship Heights, are going out of business. While no one likes to see such large storefronts empty, but it’s a good chance to pick up some bargain books—and bargain accouterments. The stores will be selling their furniture and fixtures, too. +1

Green House: It looks like D.C.’s most famous residents have gotten in on the St. Patrick’s Day fun. The White House’s North Lawn fountain has been dyed an appropriately neon-slime shade of green (an upgrade, DCist notes, from last year’s “seafom/pea soup nonsense”). However, it’ll be the day when, say, the Anacostia River is deepened to an emerald hue. +3

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