Call it the most obvious pairing since Pavarotti played La Scala or Tyson went to jail: Puck Buddys holds its inaugural Washington Capitals viewing party tonight at Nellie’s.

Puck Buddys is, as far as everybody knows, the first blog geared to our town’s gay hockey fans; Caps owner Ted Leonsis has already given the site his blessing via a blog post on his own site. Nellie’s opened up in 2007 as the city’s first gay sports bar and pretty much overnight became a U St. fixture.

I love both Puck Buddys and Nellie’s for any number of reasons, including the fact that, as evidenced in the headline used for the promo for tonight’s joint event(pictured above), their advents open up a whole world of single entrendres for me to giggle at!

(Full disclosure: Puck Buddys’ founders Craig Brownstein and Doug Johnson are longtime friends of mine, but awesome nonetheless.)