A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Hug a Grad Student Today: Of much discussion on the Brookland email list has been what to do with the Colonel Brooks Tavern, a neighborhood institution that some feel should stay, and some feel should go. While the conversation began with whether or not the structure should be designated historic—thus preventing the construction of a new mixed-use development on the same site—it’s now moved into even more onerous territory: Whether or not the new development could turn into a ghetto of Catholic University students. Brookland residents have been duking out an argument more typically found in Georgetown or Tenleytown. One participant reminds anti-student campaigners that all are not of the same stripe: “I’m continually frustrated by this group’s readiness to lump ‘CUA students’ under one banner. I’m a graduate student in the final stages of my doctoral degree, and my life could not be more different than the lives of the undergraduates that I teach! Grad students are NOT undergrads!”

I See London: A Tenleytown emailer asks, “We’ve been considering putting up a clothesline in our backyard and hanging clothes to dry there. However, we’ve literally never seen any hanging clothes in any AU Park back yards. Is there any rule against it?” There was surprisingly little NIMBYism in response, with several people encouraging the use of clotheslines. Wrote one individual, “The only problem I have had is my son expressing his displeasure of me hanging up his underwear for all to see (usually I hang the lingerie in the basement on drying racks.  I don’t know what I was doing on that day).”

Forums for Everyone: There are a bevy of candidate forums coming up in the next few weeks as the April 26 election for the at-large D.C. Council seat approaches. Borderstan’s got details on tonight’s, at Church of the Holy City at 16th and Corcoran NW, which will be moderated by their contributor Tom Hay; 14th & You has some additional commentary. And, from Congress Heights on the Rise are details on April 2’s forum on youth issues, sponsored by YouthPAC and DC Students Speak. A “non-political” profile of candidate Bryan Weaver, who will be in attendance at both forums, can be found on Borderstan.

Where Are You, Strasburg? The Hill is Home waxes poetic on America’s pastime, as specific to D.C.: “What you’ve heard is true. I’m in love with a loser. In the spring he comes along and promises me a season filled with food, drinks and fun, but by September our relationship has soured—I’m sad and frustrated, but still the supportive optimist. Yep, I’m one a few thousand Nats fans.” The season opener is March 31, but dedicated fans will likely be at NatsFest, the team’s fan appreciation event, tomorrow evening.