A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Gradually Sucking Less: Capitol Hill-based D.C. Crank Tank gives a nod to the CVS on 12th and E streets SE for its attempts to look less like a sterile chain and more like, you know, a welcoming community shop: The location has put up a nice-looking mural, possibly affiliated with the elementary school across the street. Also noted: “D.C. CVS stores are also notable for opening up to the street, and if not that, then at least supplying interesting historical photos of the neighborhoods they reside in.They still kind of suck to shop in. But at least they are easier on the eyes.” (Speaking of CVS, we said the best reason to go, when you really need to restock on toothpaste, was the advent of self-checkouts.)

American Water: Southwest…The Little Quadrant That Could has all the details on this Saturday’s Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival, a big event for the community that, this year, is being run in collaboration with the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront team, who will be redeveloping the neighborhood. There’s a whole slew of events on Saturday, from Potomac River cruises to face-painting; this year’s festival will be the largest yet, and is a dry run for next year’s, which will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the District’s receiving its famous cherry trees from Japan.

People on the Streets: The Brightwoodian has everything nice to say about Art Under Pressure, a recently-opened business on Georgia Avenue: “Youth- and education-focused; one of the proprietors is Cory Stowers, the artistic director of Words Beats & Life. (“I need to see that 3.0,” Stowers was saying to a group of eager young graffiti writers when I was visiting.) Stowers aims to nurture young graffiti writers and help them to develop marketable skills through their artwork.” There’s more plans for the space, including a print shop, which will hold printmaking classes, and a tattoo studio. Art Under Pressure’s grand opening will be April 22.

Where Art Thou, Pennsylvania Avenue? The members of the East of the River listserv have been playing with David Alpert‘s redistricting game (still fun, a few days later!) and discussing their decisions. Whether Ward 8 should cross the Anacostia River, or Pennsylvania Avenue, or both has dominated the conversation. Something’s got to give—Wards 7 and 8 both need to grow in the coming redistricting process. Writes one member, “I will say this, up front, Ward 8 should NOT cross Pennsylvania Avenue. That is a border that makes sense. If Ward 8 needs to expand, move UP, NOT ACROSS Pennsylvania Ave.” Another agrees, and adds, “I do agree with councilmember Barry that [Ward 8] should cross the Anacostia River.”