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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

No Matter How Small: A new stop sign has made its debut in Petworth, at the corner of Kansas and Taylor streets NW. Other minor improvements coming soon to the neighborhood’s traffic infrastructure include a “traffic enforcement device” at Georgia and Taylor streets NW. But a member of the local email list wishes that all changes could happen as expediently as the advent of a stop sign: “I’m open — WE’RE OPEN — to suggestions. As individuals, organizations and a community, we’ve tried everything short of civil disobedience . . . . HMMMM!!! Where do we go from here? What would you suggest, ‘quiet diplomacy;’ start a revolution, sit-ins, protest, we all join hands and sing Wheels on the Bus or Itsy-Bitsy Spider?”

Union, Busted: Earlier this week, The New York Times touched on that city’s lowered resistance to German grocer (and Trader Joe’s sibling) Aldi as it ramps up a fight against the Wal-Mart monster—despite the fact that both companies are non-union. The same contradiction might soon become relevant to the District; an Aldi and a Wal-Mart are both slated for Ward 5, territory of the blog Frozen Tropics. A Frozen Tropics commenter says, “Mom always said that Aldi’s was hit or miss when i was growing up, and she said the crackers tasted stale and absorbed the smells of the store. Whatever that means. Its not the greatest place in the world but a person can find deals.”

Take Me Out: The Nats’ performance on opening day was roughly on par with yesterday’s miserable weather. If you care to relive the experience, JDLand has a few photos. One JDLand commenter notes they “thought it was hilarious to hear Gray get booed.”