Protective Services Chief Louis Cannon returned to his post Tuesday, after having been placed on leave pending an investigation by the Office of Attorney General.

Cannon had been on paid leave since at least February. He has run the Protective Services Police Department, which patrols District buildings, since 2008.

“I was exonerated and am pleased to be back at work,” Cannon says in an email. Asked about why he was investigated, Cannon says he can’t get into specifics. A spokeswoman for Mayor Vince GrayDoxie McCoy, would only say that Cannon had been allowed to return to work and that the OAG had acted and that she had “nothing to say beyond that.” Jason Yuckenberg, Government Affairs Officer of the Department of Real Estate Services, which oversees Protective Services, says “the Department of Real Estate Services has taken any appropriate action.”

It’s not clear what “any appropriate action” means, as Cannon says he hasn’t been disciplined. Calls to the OAG regarding the investigation weren’t returned.

Attorney Ted Williams represented Cannon’s subordinate Lt. Alberta Renee Holden during the investigation. Along with other officers, Holden complained about Cannon’s temper, says Williams.

Williams stayed in contact with the OAG as they delved into Cannon’s conduct, and says they went too narrow. “They were looking into the narrow issue of race and gender,” he says. Williams says investigators decided that Cannon wasn’t a bigot.

But Williams says the real issue was that Cannon created a “hostile work environment” for everyone. He also says he’s putting Cannon on notice. “If there’s any retaliation against anybody, I intend to take appropriate action.”