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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

I Love the 90s: The 90 bus line’s stops in Adams Morgan have been rerouted to accommodate the 18th Street streetscape construction, and some residents are none too happy. Writes one, on the Adams Morgan email list, “Who the hell at metro is in charge of putting up signs telling us the 90 busses have been detoured? Considering more people in Adams Morgan take the bus than own a car, you’d think somebody (hint hint ANC and councilmembers) would be on top of this. Count me as cranky when I saw my bus drive down Columbia instead of down 18th where I was standing.” Though the complaint might be warranted, another list member feels that the ire was directed to the wrong parties: “You’d think the “someone” to be on top of this would the rider of the 90 busses.  A simple phone call would probably get you the answers you’re looking for.  What the hell does the ANC or the councilmember have to do with it?  Yet another example of the ANC used as the whipping dog of the community.  Grrr, back atcha.”

Hine Times, Pt. II: EMMCA has a vastly detailed explanation of community requests for the Hine School project, as well as the summarization of comments from Councilmember Tommy Wells regarding “why it is difficult to reduce massing – and the complex set of economic relationships between amenities and a profitable real estate venture.” The Hine School redevelopment has become a touchy subject, and a commenter offers a possible reason why: “buried in the article is an important fact that does not get enough attention: because of the inability of Stanton/Eastbanc to recruit or retain tenants, this project has become MUCH MORE residential than originally projected. the burden of this revision has fallen upon 8th st. neighbors. people removed from this discussion are wondering why they are being so vocal (read: difficult). but the project has indeed changed in ways that are totally unfavorable to them.”

Must Love Dogs: The Bloomingdale Blog reports that a pet store, reportedly called GreenPaws, is seeking to open in the neighborhood. Though a few commenters seem pleased by the potential of a storefront being filled, one commenter notes, “I have mixed feelings about this store. While I think it’s wonderful that there might be some alternative pet food options close by, and even though I could certainly benefit from the convenience of having grooming and walking services in Bloomingdale, I’m concerned that this will be another business catering to the wealthier residents, and that it will offer prices beyond what many of us in the neighborhood can afford.”

Takoma Park Problems: Spring is in the air, so what better to do than shore up one’s flower beds? But, it seems like good soil can be hard to find. Writes one member of the Takoma Park email list, “I got my soil tested and it has slightly elevated lead levels (111 ppm). I would like to buy other soil to mix in with my soil – does anyone know of a good place that will deliver good soil?”