A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Tag, You’re It: Park View D.C. looks at the prolific work of neighborhood tagger “nero”—with pictures!—intending to highlight why his graffiti is a blight on the neighborhood. But some commenters feel that publicly shaming the tagger isn’t the best way to get him or her (or them?) to stop. Writes one commenter, “With all due respect for your blog, which I look at daily, you are only giving these guys the attention they want, need, and never had by posting this with pictures of their ‘art’ work. How about you challenge the city to pick up where Fenty and his team left off? They had a rapid response to this plague. How about the power of your blog pointing out the weaknesses in the DC graffiti clean up system (shame is powerful,) and give directions to those effected. Sorry but I hate this crap these lonely criminals spread around town, like a dog marking its territory.” Then again, another says, “I disagree…I laughed at the thought of these thugs finding and reading this cerebral, cheery blog.”

Yes, No, Maybe So: In light of the recent demonstration of civil disobedience for civil rights by D.C.’s councilmembers and mayor, The Hill is Home is polling readers on whether or not they want statehood for the District. At the time of this posting, 143 have voted yes, 62 no, and 12 have voted “other.” However, many commenters took to the space to air why they wouldn’t support statehood. One says, “I would vastly prefer the tax treatment afforded those who live in Puerto Rico, the USVI, Guam, etc to statehood. This is particularly true given the cast of clowns who make up DC’s political class (apologies to Tommy Wells), who would likely make an even bigger mockery of DC than they already have – I mean, Vince Gray as a governor? Fully Loaded as a, well, anything?!” Another is equally skeptical, asking “Explain for me the Constitutional basis you think DC can be a state. Is there ANY way that wouldn’t involve getting 75% of the states to agree to it? Does anyone seriously believe that 38 of 50 states will agree to DC Statehood?”

My Car Over You: The Tenleytown email list is in hot debate over whether or not the redevelopment of the old Babe’s Billiards will include ample parking. The parcel, located near the Tenleytown Metro station and owned by Douglas Development, is slated for apartments with ground floor retail. But the structure isn’t what’s bothering residents. Rather, one list member writes, “I’d love to see a good use of the Babe’s space. My only non-negotiable concern is that it should have ample parking, so that it’s inhabitants/customers do not take neighborhood street parking. I noticed too late that there is virtually no parking at our new library. Which means that when someone gets too old to walk there, they will have to drive to the Bethesda Libraries. No welcome mat at the new library for people who are not hearty. It’s not smart to pretend that cars can be wished into irrelevance in the name of ‘smart growth.” But one staunch defender of that most dreaded “smart growth” writes, “Ample parking, since this is one block from the Tenley metro station and will be served by two Circulator routes? More parking only encourages more driving.”

Cleveland Park, ISO: With access to what’s arguably the city’s most active email list, Cleveland Park residents aren’t shy about asking for nannies or babysitters fluent in languages other than English. Typically, French or German are preferred, but the most recent In Search Of is a bit unusual: “We are looking for a Dutch speaking baby sitter, 2 or 3 hours a day, during the month of July, to take care of our daughter, 5 years old. The best would even be ‘Flemish Speaking’, so to speak.”