It’s official: Popeyes is out as “The Official Chicken of the Washington Redskins.”

Karlie Lahm, spokesperson for the food chain, says D.C. area Popeyes franchisors “did not renew” their agreement with the Redskins at the end of last season.

“Beginning with the next football season, they will no longer be using” the “official chicken” slogan, Lahm says.

Lahm says the breakup between Popeyes and the Skins was “due to budget.”

KFC has assumed the title, and is already taking out radio ads to boast about its relationship with the team.

The game-day experience at FedExField won’t be the same without those voluminous and high-volume commercial spots during timeouts capped by shouts of “Love that chicken from Popeyes!”

Thusly, PoultryGate 2K11® is apparently over: The Redskins do not have two Official Chickens after all.