At one point, it seemed as if a wrongful death suit against nightclub DC9 was imminent, and that the suit would be filed by prominent lawyer Billy Martin. Martin has represented high-profile clients like Michael Vick and Monica Lewinsky. After being chased by the bar’s staff, Ali Ahmed Mohammed died outside the club in October. Criminal charges were brought against five employees, then dropped. But Martin, acting as Mohammed’s family’s lawyer, suggested there might be litigation coming.

But Andrew Laurence, who has acted as a spokesperson for Mohammed’s relatives, says today that Martin is currently “recommending other civil lawyers to the family.”

Since Martin began looking at Mohammed’s homicide case, a few things have happened. For one, the District medical examiner declared that Mohammed wasn’t beaten, but restrained. That’s despite promulgations to the contrary by the Metropolitan Police Department. Another thing that’s happened is that Martin has changed law firms, as Howrey LLP, where he used to be a partner, dissolved. Martin didn’t immediately return a call for comment.

As far as the criminal case goes, U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesperson William Miller says “the case remains under investigation, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office has no further comment at this time.” Scott Rome, a lawyer for DC9, declined to comment.

Photo courtesy of Ali Mohammed’s family