A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Organic Candles for All: The Brightwoodian reports that Trohv is almost ready to open in Takoma Park. The home and gift shop is an outpost of the original store in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood. (Does this mean HonFest will be coming to Takoma Park, too?) There’s plenty of curious chatter on the Takoma Park listserv, too. One list member asks, “I walked past Trohv a little while ago, and they are looking fairly close to opening. Do they have new furniture? Used? Just furniture. A chain? What?” Another has a ringing endorsement for the newest addition to Takoma Park: “I like their wares enough that I made a special trip back to their Hampden store for a unique Christmas gift for my sister in 2009.”

Upward Mobility: Left for LeDroit has a sufficient rundown of the history of the 700 and 800 blocks of Florida Avenue NW. The parcels are owned by WMATA, and the agency has been trying to offload them for the past nine years. In this round, WMATA’s request for proposals requires that any development on the land be mixed use—which is, generally, good news. Commenters are hoping for the best: “It would be nice to package that easternmost block together with the Howard U lot and the CVS as a redevelopment site. That larger building footprint would be beneficial and could really help define the intersection of 7th/Georgia and Florida.” Another agrees, writing ” It’s shameful that the major intersection is ‘home’ to a crummy surface lot. I’m hoping Howard is upping their game after years of either feckless or counter-productive development efforts in the neighborhood.”

Parking Problems: Not Limited to Northwest: Earlier this week, a member of the MPD-7D email list, which includes historic Anacostia, wrote with concern: “Union Temple is having a church event this evening and the attendee’s are utilizing all the parking spots in the neighborhood. The event is still going on and it is after 10:00PM. This is concerning because the residents of Historic Anacostia was not notified of this event and the possible impact it would have on the neighborhood/community.” But Union Temple isn’t the only parish subject to the ire. Another list member chimes in, “I’d like to extend this query beyond Union Temple as the good church folk over at New Covenant (1301 W) hold weekday services, go on bus trips, and park their oversized MARYLAND tagged vehicles without care of neighborhood residents—all up and down W Street and way into the evening hours. I’ve called, emailed, stood outside the church at 10 p.m. with my sleeping child in the car hoping someone would care enough to assist. My prayers and entreats in this regard remain unanswered.”

Tweet, Tweet: Noises in the night are keeping some residents of Tenleytown up at night. Writes one member of the neighborhood email list, “This is the breeding season for birds. I wonder if anyone knows which bird it is that sings throughout the night? I hear one with a loud clear song, but I don’t know which it is. Any ideas? Around 4:20 AM I hear a train signal. I realize train signals can travel far at night, but I don’t know of any train tracks within easy distance of Tenleytown. Anyone?” No list members have good answers—just sympathy. “Sounds like the birds are keeping you awake. I find the sound of trains soothing, like that Arlo Guthrie song. Maybe you are hearing Potomac Yard in Old Town, Alexandria?” writes one. They add, “I sympathize with your sleeplessness. Its for the birds.”