Think the legalization of medical marijuana in D.C. means a new era of permissiveness? Think again. The 30,000-word list of regulations released last week is full of no-nos, ranging from the obvious (District residents only) to the more arcane (no prescriptions from doctors whose role is “limited to or for the primary purpose of the provision of medical marijuana”). Among the highlights:

  • Reg. 5705.1 A cultivation center or dispensary shall not permit the consumption of medical marijuana at the registered premises in any form.
  • Reg. 5710.1 A dispensary or cultivation center shall not permit medical marijuana or paraphernalia to be visible from any public or other property not owned by the dispensary or cultivation center.
  • Reg. 5703.1 A dispensary shall not be permitted to transport or deliver medical marijuana to a qualified patient or caregiver or from a cultivation center.
  • Reg. 5708.2 A cultivation center shall not be permitted to hold educational seminars, classes, or discussions regarding medical marijuana for physicians.

The complete rules are below.

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Photo by Hupu2 via Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0