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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

More Than the Sum of Tom-Tom: The Very Cherry AdMo Pop-Up Shop sprung up to fill the empty space on 18th Street left by Uptowner Deli, but members of the Ward 1 email list are crediting it with more than merely activating a storefront. “We bought several items, but we liked that they sent us to other local retail stores. They sent us to Tora Mata, the art of Peru, when we said we needed a religious themed item for a friend and we bought also at the Tibet Shop and Crooked Beat records which we did not know was in Adams Morgan. Also did not know before about Planet Pet either,” writes one. Another reports a similar experience, saying “Yes, we also learned much from the Adamsmorgan Mainstreet about the local businesses right here in Adams Morgan. They gave us the information on many more of the true restaurants are here than we knew. We had made the mistake to think that Brassknob was a bar, and learned they have wonderful things. Then went to the AMWine Shop to make the purchases and a special trip to Meeps Vintage.” Who knew the strip responsible for the phrase “Adams Morgan Effect”—deployed by ANC commissioners hoping to quash the rapid spread of bars in their own neighborhoods—could be so charming?

Airing of Grievances: Tenleytown email list members feel the city is unfairly targeting their cars and residences in order to generate revenue. Prompts one, “Let’s count the ways that the city is sticking it to us lately…”—and a list was born! Though the slew of annoyances is bound to grow, here’s what Tenleytown residents feel are costing them too much money, at present:

1. Ticket for Bulk Trash with confirmation number
Then failing to pick up for 3 weeks.
2. Ticket for personal property inside fenced yard.
3. Ticket for speeding in a car we have never seen.
4. Ticket for trash cans in the alley.
5. Tickets for displaying a parking pass that has not yet expired.
6. Ticket for turning right on red after stop at Fessenden St.
7. Ticket for tree branches overhanging an alley.
8. Refusal to produce public records relating to the District’s plans to develop the Tenley-Friendship Library/Janney E.S. site.

No Laundry Here: 14th & You checks in on the status of the “Shirt Laundry” building on 14th and Q streets NW—which many expected to be under construction to become a restaurant by now—but doesn’t have great news to share: “Plans for the restaurant have…been shelved. Last month, the Whisk Group announced that they were pulling out of the project because of unexpectedly high cleanup costs. (Dry cleaners tend to leave a lot of mess in their wake.) This now leaves an open question as to what might end up there, if not a food-serving establishment? Several ideas have been floating around (it’s been a poorly kept secret that Walgreen’s would like to set up shop in the neighborhood, for instance) but nothing has been announced at this point.” A commenter is hoping the former is still a go, noting, “I’d love to see a place to grab something casual and healthy. Teaism would be perfect. I love all the upscale restaurants, but if you want something quick or without reservations/a long wait, burgers seem to be the only option.”

When The Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Disappear’d, UPDATE: Cleveland Park’s infamous lilac thief has been spotted! One member of the neighborhood email list reports, “He was walking northbound along the Glover-Archbold Park stream valley path this morning about 6:45am in full flower. He was carrying a large armful of lilacs.”