A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Bon Voyage, Burro: FoBoBlo reports that The Burro, Foggy Bottom’s only non-chain Mexican restaurant, will be closing its doors today. Apparently, “a handwritten sign posted on their door makes the sad announcement.  I spoke with the cashier inside, who told me that once they’re gone, the place will be empty. He cited too much competition and changes to GWU food services as reasons why they’re calling it quits.” Given the dead zone of quick, affordable, but still enjoyable restaurants in Foggy Bottom, it’s hard to blame the commenter who writes, “i’m heart-broken. incolsolable.”

Weed ‘Em Out: “What I’ve learned since having my own yard to tend to is that April showers bring a massive invasion of weeds that can grow as tall as me in the blink of an eye.  And in front of each of our houses, at the edge of the sidewalk, is a lovely box of dirt that, while on city property, is the homeowner’s responsibility to care for.  Meaning you need to tame those unruly weeds.  So do you do it?” asks the Hill is Home. A poll reveals that most Hill dwellers are apathetic toward their tree boxes, but feel a deep sense of responsibility stemming from them nonetheless. Currently, about 39% of those polled say, “I don’t love it, but it needs to be done.”

Multibottle Graveyard: A commenter on New Columbia Heights has suggested formal rules to create a “street booze” game, following up on the blog’s tendency to post shots of empty liquor and beer bottles. As follows: “My roommates and I have started a game that you can play while commuting to/from the CH metro: 1 point for every street booze-related mixer or insinuating drinking (arizona tall boy fruit punch cans, black liquor bags, etc), 2 points for beer(40’s, cans, bottles, 30 rack boxes, bottle caps, etc), 3 points for liquor (plastic vodka bottles, occasional patron bottle), and 4 points for witnessing someone in the act of street boozing, not on private property. So far I’ve gotten up to 14 points in 3 blocks. Try to beat me!” One commenter suggests, “anyone who walks on the north side of Harvard Street, 700 Block, automatically will win. it’s a real multibottle graveyard in front of one of the houses. fancy, expensive booze too!” But remember, the real winners are the ones that actually pick up and properly dispose of the trash.

Brookland, ISO: On the Brookland Kids email list, a parent is “ISO wallet friendly puppeteer.” The query, in detail, says: “A friend of mine has a soon to be 5 year old girl with a budding interest in puppet shows.  Friend wanted to hire puppeteer for birthday party but the $300 pricetag she’s encountered so far is not leaving her with a smile. Does anyone know of puppet people who have lower prices? She is open to amateurs, high school/college student, etc. as long as they are entertaining enough for the kiddies.”