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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

For the Birds, III: Last week in Brookland, it was hummingbirds. This week, the neighborhood email list is chattering about robins—and, more specifically, how to kindly relocate them, without displacing them entirely. (Perhaps a metaphor for D.C.’s demographic growing pains can be found amongst its fauna.) Writes one member, “So, we had two robin families nest in our yard last year. They were a joy to watch. This year, they have decided to nest directly outside our french doors going onto the deck on top of flood lights. It’s just a lousy place for them and I fear that they will get quite edgy once the eggs are there with all the in and out from the door. I’ve already pulled the hay down once, but it’s back again. Any nice way to make that spot not so attractive to them? Would hate for them to go away completely, but it’s just the worst spot for them and us.” Insofar, neighbors only have words of support: “We had a similar siuation with birds nesting in our porch at the tops of brick columns. ‘Cute’ was our initial reaction, too, until the poop started dripping down the columns… : ( It was really hard to clean off, too.”

All Clear for Capitalism: JDLand reports that the Historic Preservation Review Board has recommended that the Market Deli in Near Southeast not be designated historic by the board, or by the National Register of Historic Places. The nomination of the building, aided by ANC 6D07 commissioner David Garber, was not favorably received by the neighborhood, and commenters have cheered the HPRB’s decision. One snarks, “So….anyone have any guesses or rumors as to which ‘landmark’ will be next in line to try and be saved? Will it be the former theater (taxi repair shop on Half St) or the transfer station/stacks?” More congratulatory is another, who says, “Well this is a pleasant surprise. I thought there was a good chance that HPRB was going to support the designation based on some past decisions (ie the old, dilapidated wood shack in perpetual existence at 12th & E SE – sorry I mean ‘shotgun’ house). Thank goodness the Capitol Hill Restoration Society has no interest in our neighborhood.” And, finally: “I fully support the destruction of the Market Deli to advance the bottom line of real estate and surrounding property value.”

Beware the Umbrellas: A thread on the Palisades email list is rife with warnings of a potential door-to-door scam. Writes one member, “I had 2 young women soliciting saying they were from UVA doing a communications gig and turns out it is magazines they are selling. Very pushy. They don’t want you to buy magazines for them but for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed. Very suspect.” Another describes potential tactics of the alleged scammers, adding, “Same here – the two guys who came to my door claimed they’d send the magazines to Veterans’ hospitals and gave me a grimy list of hospitals. Set off my suspicions too. They also asked for an umbrella – the police officer who attended later said he’d seen around five people gathered together nearby, whom he thought responsible for the door knocking, all already had umbrellas – he thought the request for an umbrella was simply to get the front door open further to check out the place.”

Cleveland Park Problems: Writes one member of the Cleveland Park email list, “Our water has had a smell like burning plastic since yesterday. It is removed by our Brita filter, but still worrisome. Is anyone else experiencing this?” Another adds, “Yes, we smell it too. Our showers stink.” No answer to this mystery has been established.