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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

O Bikeshare, Where Art Thou? With the news of the expansion of Capital Bikeshare, The Hill is Home has asked readers where they might like to see a station—if the neighborhood is lucky enough to snag one or more of the 25 that will be sprinkled around the city. Two noted a station by Results Gym would be well-used, while one says that a station by Stanton Park or the Southeast Branch Library would be helpful. Another points out that the downside to CaBi’s increased use isn’t just empty racks: “15th St. SE and Independence is much needed. Just last night I tried to leave bike at Lincoln park, but full, then Safeway, but full, then claimed final spot all the way at Stadium Armory. Cabi is a fantastic concept, but needs 1) more locations and 2) more spaces for bikes if they continue to grow in memberships.” (Bloomingdale also asked for feedback on a potential station, at First Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW, but has not yet received any comments.)

Tag, You’re It II: Park View D.C. has an update on graffiti removal in the neighborhood. It might not be top-down, coming from the authorities, but residents of Park View are getting it done: “One thing I’m encouraged by is the amount of community activism I’ve seen assisting the City try to get on top of this issue. I’ve been documenting as much tagging as possible and passing along information to assist with removal and there is a very active group of neighbors on Irving Street doing much the same along that part of the community. In several cases, residents have taken it upon themselves to remove tagging after they’ve documented it.” Unfortunately, though one piece of graffiti skewed more toward street art, the neighborhood’s diligence quickly gave the axe: “One victim, if you will, of the recent graffiti removal efforts was the more artistic graphic below [click through] which didn’t quite survive a day before it was removed. Sadly, it was actually the one I liked the best.”

What’s Worse than The Cereal Bowl? On the Cleveland Park email list, it’s been suggested that a Chipotle might open in the space formerly occupied by the very short-lived (and shame-inflicting) Cereal Bowl. Chipotle could easily be seen as an upgrade from the rather gimmicky make-your-own-cereal shop, and some neighbors are definitely interested; one list member writes, “I think it would be a nice addition. It’s an inexpensive place to dine.” But others feel it has the potential to devastate the neighborhood’s quality and character: “Cleveland Park already has a California Tortilla at 3501 Connecticut (across the street from the proposed Chipotle). A second fast food Mexican-type chain restaurant will detract from the charm and variety of the neighborhood.” For now, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s the “chain” part, not the “Mexican” part, they were objecting to.

Palisades, ISO: A member of the Palisades email list is planning quite the party and has asked for some neighborly loans in a thread entitled “ISO Alice in Wonderland tea/croquet unbirthday party props tomorrow:

“Hey we are having a Wonderland tea and croquet party for my 8 YO daughter, and bought some props online etc but need more—if you have any of the following to loan/sell /give away, please let me know!

-fake flamingos (or hedgehogs) for a flamingos and hedgehogs croquet match
(or an old croquet set—we have a pristine one on loan, but the flagstone patio could destroy it)
-chinese lanterns—any lit/not lit, single/strung, paper/fabric/ plastic, size/shape/color
-teapots cups and saucers worthy of the mad hatter tea party (have not had luck at local op shops)
-oversized tophat or clock/pocketwatch prop
-several clear drink/food-safe bottles—either former beer/sodas to be capped by a beer capper or vial-like ones, for “drink me” drinks—can vary.

Any other random things you may have, like a large mushroom and caterpillar (we have a hooka prop) , signs that say “this way” and “that way” or best of all, astroturf for croquet match—are appreciated also.

If anyone has ideas on how to create an exploding cake, let me know! Thanks!!”

Though the “unbirthday” scene is a famous one in romp that Lewis Carroll‘s Alice takes through Wonderland, one has to ask, as it’s not made clear: Is this list member planning a birthday for their 8-year-old daughter…or an unbirthday? If it’s the latter, it’ll be an unbirthday the likes of Palisades probably have never seen.