A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

The Great Eradication of Nero: Though Park View D.C. reported some success in cleaning up graffiti in the neighborhood the other day, a member of the MPD 3D email list living in Adams Morgan has questions about a specific tagger: “Does MPD have any leads on who ‘Nero’ is? Has he/she been seen? Obviously they have not been caught yet? ‘Nero’ caused a lot of destruction of property in Adams Morgan and we continue to clean up after him on a regular basis. Would be great if MPD could get this person off the streets.” Nero was previously troublesome in Park View, too.

Chronically Judging: The Crestwood email list continues to debate the correctness of smoking marijuana after an initial charge that unknown teens were smoking, inside of a blue Prius, outside someone’s house. A particularly vocal commenter is advocating for the right to smoke, anywhere, including behind the wheel: “More likely someone would be driving too cautious and drive a bit too slowly.  I’m not saying everybody should smoke dope, just saying its not for anyone to pass judgment on how we like our coffee, how much T.V. We let our kids watch, or whether to drink or smoke or whatever. Legally? Are you the police now?  What about morally?  Should you or the guy on blagden terrace really be the arbiters of right and wrong?  And does it help to parent others kids?  Or project on another, of any age, our personal slanted belief systems? I say we all need to let go of the tendency to control others, and projecting our ‘stuff’ on to them.” In response to that rant, another member writes, “Dude, you shouldn’t drive a car stoned.  End of story.”

Bring On the Burritos: Though it appeared yesterday that Cleveland Park residents were opposed to Chipotle’s opening because it would erode the neighborhood’s character and charm, a slew of email list members have vocalized their support for the—gasp!—chain restaurant. Some even believe that it will succeed, despite the nearby presence of California Tortilla. Though there are still a few naysayers, one writes, “I support it. The neighborhood has plenty of charm and variety, and it seems that only chains or restaurants can compete in that location with the rents as they are. Given the nail and tanning salons next door, I think it will actually make that strip more attractive.” Another says, “I think it would be a great addition to Cleveland Park. The Chipotle near the Woodley Park metro is usually quite busy during meal ‘rush hours’ and Chipotle’s exterior design is not gaudy or flashy, I think it will not detract away from the neighborhood charm. I also would love for their to be more options for “fast food” (though this is hardly the typical fast food “joint”) in the neighborhood. California Tortilla is fine, but I would love to see Chipotle join the neighborhood.”

Everything’s Coming Up 14th Street: There’s many an update on 14th Street NW storefronts filling up. U Street Girl reports that Peregrine’s second location, at 14th between R and S Streets NW is close to opening. Borderstan says that the ground floor of the View 14 condo building at 14th Street and Florida Avenue NW will be home to the YWCA and Beta Academy, a mixed martial arts center relocating from Columbia Heights. And 14th & You takes away from a recent ANC meeting that PN Hoffman’s renovation of the Verizon building on 14th and R Streets NW will “have room for one ground-level commercial tenant, most likely a restaurant. (The developer has plans for the eventual installation of some kind of sidewalk seating.) The building will have four levels of residences, including a penthouse level with private rooftop decks/gardens for each unit, along with a communal rooftop area. The penthouse structure will very closely resemble the rooftop structure at the top of the Room and Board building at 14th and T streets.”