A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

An Englishman in LeDroit Park: Left for LeDroit reports that His Royal Highness Prince Charles will be in the neighborhood tomorrow. The visit has nothing to do with the royal wedding and everything to do with sustainable agriculture—which is the goal of local organization Common Good City Farm. The blog says, “The state of LeDroit-British relations is strong!  On Tuesday, Charles, Prince of Wales, will visit the Common Good City Farm here in LeDroit Park.  The purpose of his visit is sustainable agriculture and after lecturing on the subject at Georgetown University, he will tour the farm from 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm.” One commenter remarks, “??? this is very weird news…” But very royal!

Bad Press, Meta Edition: JDLand notes the Post’s reporting that Whole Foods is certainly not coming to Near Southeast… possibly because of reporting in the Post. JDLand summarizes: “Whether the entire Whole Foods deal is truly dead or there’s just some steam being let off is not 100 percent clear in the article, though it quotes an anonymous source as saying that Whole Foods could still end up somewhere in the area and is ‘fielding entreaties from other developers.'” One commenter thinks it’s a bummer, writing “Well, poop. Whole Foods would have been amazing and have really solidified near SE as ‘making it’, not that we need WF to make it. Woulda helped though.”

Blue District: “Many D.C. communities already contain too many harmful distractions to young people, their families and school communities,” writes a member of the Ward One email list. The screed contains a link to a petition campaigning against the proposed extension of liquor sales to midnight. But other members aren’t really feeling it. One thinks liquor stores aren’t the problem: “I agree… I don’t drink but I honestly see no reason not to allow at least Beer and Wine sales until midnight. Why should consenting adults be penalized because some people choose not to or are unable to teach their children what they can and can’t do. I believe there is a curfew for minors and assuming it were properly enforced there would be no issue with extending the hours until midnight.” Another firmly supports the midnight provision, writing “I’m really hating this idiotic blue law in DC at this moment.”

Hill East Problems: Inquires one member of the Hill East email list, “Just saw a dirtbike Kawasaki 125 or so (no headlights) not street legal buzz down 8th at high speed. Random…… ..This is the city not Alaska, this is about the 4th or 5th time ive seen this. Where are these guys coming from?????” Presently, no neighbors have any information to offer as to why someone might behave as if they are in Alaska.