via Extremeskins

Last year at this time, the Redskins solved problems related to the inability to sell out the Club Level by ripping out several sections of the pricey yellow seats and adding a standing room section/”party deck” that was briefly called the RFK Standing Stomping Zone.

Well, the woes posed by an inability to sell out have apparently trickled up.

Attendees to Saturday’s open house at FedExField noticed that seats had been ripped out from at least ten sections of the upper deck in one end zone. That’s traditionally the area where you’ll find the cheapest non-obstructed-view seats in the stadium.

A moderator on the team-owned message board,, told inquisitors that the upper deck end zone was indeed now also slated to become a party deck.

It’s odd that a team that has bragged about having 358 consecutive home sellouts and a season ticket waiting list with “more than 200,000 names” would make moves in consecutive seasons to eliminate so many seats. (But it’s worth noting that apparently, unsold standing room tickets don’t count as stadium seating capacity when the NFL decides whether to apply its TV blackout policy.)

At this rate, all it would take is a few more losing seasons, and all of FedExField will be one big party deck.