A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

H Street Story: Frozen Tropics links to a piece in the most recent edition of Wilson Quarterly called “New to the Neighborhood,” about gentrification and displacement on and around H Street NE (the author lives, specifically, in Rosedale.) Commenters seem fairly pleased with the account, though one is frustrated by the story’s end: “Agreed – an enjoyable and thought-provokng piece. However, is anyone else a little unsettled by the closing paragraph essentially outlining that a “gentrifier” will have to move at some point in the future? Call me naive, but shouldn’t things like school systems be as important as street cars? I know, I know, bigger issue, but still….”

Hill East Treasures: One member of the Hill East email list writes, “If you are missing your beloved old elfin man with a red hat, a white mustache and beard with a walking stick standing about 18 inches high, please contact me. I found him cracked and damaged on the side of the sidewalk. He needs major surgery but if you love him, his face is pretty much intact and he could be restored to his former quaint glory.” Another immediately wrote back: “OMG this *might* be my 8 yo and her next door best friend’s beloved “gnomie” who  disappeared from our front yard a few days ago. We’ve looked all around with no  luck…it seems like he’s gone a long  way, but I’d like to see if it’s ours. He was already not in great shape, as  the girls found him in the trash in an alley while walking to school a couple  years ago. Can I perhaps come check on him tomorrow?” A gnome reunion was planned.

Shepherd Park, ISO: “I am looking for 2 nickel or brass backplates and door knobs to match the others in my 1930s Shepherd Park home. I thought that before I went out to the Brass Knob to look, I’d check and see if any neighbors had any spares to sell,” writes one member of the Shepherd Park email list. A gold star for historic preservation, right down to brass tacks!

Caution: Chickens and Canines: In a post entitled “Dog Walkers Beware!!” one member of the Tenleytown email list warns, “I just got home and had to ( big emergency) walk two of my house mates dogs. There are chicken bones all over the sidewalks !!! I never realized, since I don’t have a dog. They seem to be mostly around yards and alleys with new landscaping.”