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Wales, D.C.: The royal wedding was more or less swept out of the news by Seal Team Six Sunday night. Which may explain the relative lack of fanfare with which His Royal Highness Prince Charles, heir to the British throne (also duke of Cornwall and Rothesay, among other titles) and father of the recently celebrated groom, arrived in LeDroit Park today. The presumptive monarch-to-be is interested in sustainable farming practices; Common Good City Farm produces plenty of vegetables through just that sort of thing for neighborhood residents. (Right now, they’re harvesting lettuce, broccoli, kale, and spinach.) We just hope someone explains to him that the license plates he’ll see around town aren’t actually talking about his ancestor. +2

Zoology Meets Paleontology: The little park between 16th Street NW, Harvard Street, and Argonne Place is well known as an animal sanctuary—for rats. This morning, apparently, it turned into a sanctuary for dinosaurs. A truck carrying a refurbished triceratops statue back to the National Zoo was spotted heading past the park. Fortunately, the dinosaur was tied down on a flatbed truck. Even more fortunately, no one spotted Richard Attenborough in the vicinity. +1

Got Milk?: True, the federal government no longer has to worry about finding Osama bin Laden. But the list of what it does have to worry about it still sufficiently long that you’d think “some farmer in Pennsylvania is selling unpasteurized milk to people in D.C.” would be somewhere near the bottom. Apparently not; the Justice Department recently went after the Rainbow Acres Farm in Kinzers, Pa., for just that, prompting the local customers to pledge to come to the farm’s assistance. We’re glad to see everything else has actually been taken care of. -1

Back Up Against the Wall: Since 1942, teams have lost the first two games of a best-of-seven National Hockey League playoff series 291 times. They’ve only come back to win 37 of those times—or 12.7 percent. That’s exactly where the Washington Capitals find themselves tonight as they head to Tampa needing to win at least one game on the road to stay alive (and preferably two). Don’t despair yet, though: The Caps already managed to pull off one of those 37 comebacks, two years ago against the Rangers. -1

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