The Regulators Strike Back: George Lucas‘ intergalactic space opera transcended decades and spawned millions of fans—some of whom now work at the District’s Department of Consumer and Regularly Affairs.  In honor of today’s unofficial ordainment as Star Wars Day (May the forth…get it?), the agency framed their day-to-day activities (which include approving development plans, documenting vacant properties, and overseeing regulatory legislation) in the land of Siths and Jedis—all on Twitter, of course. DCist screenshotted the evolution of DCRA’s Galactic Empire-inspired plotline; a CaBi Speeder docking station doesn’t sound like a bad idea. +4

Required Viewing for Kwame: The D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute’s foray into entertainment has manifested itself in a series of videos developed to explain the status of budgetary and financial policy in the District. They aren’t charming and they aren’t funny, but they’re educational and well worth watching. The latest installment, “What Can Brown Do for You?” (in reference to Council Chairman Kwame Brown) discusses, well, what can be done to make the budget work in favor of D.C. residents. Dismal? Kinda, but watching is more fun than reading. Bonus: This is the first in a series of the “budget whiteboard” videos! +1

Saxa Terrapin? The University of Maryland’s new athletic director, Kevin Anderson, wants the Terps to up their game. He’s got grand plans to rearrange the nonconference schedules of the university’s football and basketball teams, in particular. If he gets his way, Maryland and Georgetown would face off in basketball for the first time in nearly two decades, the Washington Times reports. Though the shuffle might not come to fruition until 2015, as DCist observes, “This would not only be a victory for Terps and Hoyas fans alike, but also for college basketball, and more importantly, the D.C. metropolitan area. An annual Big East/ACC battle between two programs whose campuses are mere miles from each other would generate significant interest on a local, if not national, level.” +2

A Little Sweat Never Hurt Nobody: About a week ago, Beyonce dropped a version of her 2007 track “Get Me Bodied” re-imagined as “Move Your Body.” The alteration was part of first lady Michelle Obama‘s “Let’s Move!” campaign, which targets childhood obesity. FLOTUS turned her swag on to the song during an appearance at Alice Deal Middle School yesterday, and threw in a few more smooth dance moves—like something closely resembling the ever-popular Dougie. The Washington Post has a video. +2

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