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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Cleveland Park Problems: “We live in McLean Gardens and we are having such a difficult time with out 900 Mhz baby monitor. We get a sporadic, static popping noise that forces us to turn it off in the middle of the night. We have confirmed that no other devices in our house run at this frequency and we’ve turned off our cell phones, but we can not get a single night pop-free! We also bought another monitor and have the same problem, so it’s not a device defect. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Does anyone have a suggestion?” inquires one member of the Cleveland Park email list. At this time, no one has offered any suggestions, though perhaps it’s appropriate to blame the excessive rumbling of trucks in nearby Tenleytown.

Parakeets of Palisades: A thread on the Palisades email list, entitled “parakeet found after fleeing airplane noise!” details the story of one small bird who alighted to the east. A Craigslist posting brought the pet home—”He made it all the way to Columbia Heights and landed on a friendly shoulder. Our posting on craigslist took care of the rest. He’s tired and hungry but otherwise fine. Thanks for your help!” writes, presumably, the bird’s owner—but one neighborhood resident is on a mission to eradicate the overwhelming airplane noise (it’s probably a quality-of-life issue for humans, too): “And if the sensitive parakeet was fleeing aircraft noise in the Palisades; relief may be on the way. Stay tuned for developments.”

We Won’t Go II: JDLand has the most comprehensive review to date of Near Southeast’s fight to stay in Ward 6 following a meeting of residents. Councilmember Tommy Wells was present with a list of things the neighborhood could do to lobby for its continued existence in Ward 6, which included: “…Arguments against a move to Ward 8 move should not center on ‘personalities.’ That concept was not really expanded upon but, if you’ve read the comments on my post last week on this issue, you might infer it to mean ‘don’t rant about how you don’t want Marion Barry as your councilmember.’ Wells also said to not mention not being able to park elsewhere in Ward 6 as a reason for opposition, which did seem to come up an awful lot at last week’s hearings, to the dismay of many in the DC Twitterverse. ‘This is about how you view your community.'” Commenters have a very hard time staying away from those “personalities,” though. Writes one, “I know its an argument that Wells and Garber told us to shy away from – but I find it extremely suspect that the man who says he wants to ‘stop gentrification’ and “keep the city black” is attempting to take over one of the fastest-gentrifying, fastest-whitening precincts in the District… and choke it in its crib.” Stay tuned for updates from last night’s formal meeting on redistricting.

Mount Vernon Archives: A reader of The Triangle digs up an undated “Year 2000 Neighborhood Map originally created by Jonathan Passonneau and Partners” for the blog. A commenter points out some differences since the map was created, observing “interesting! A few of the changes I note are: 1. There’s no office building at the NW corner of 7th and I, thus exposing the tech world plaza. 2. The building between 5th and 6th across from where CityVista is now is no more. 3. Former street grid where the convention center is now… and so on and so forth. very cool!” The reader who initially submitted the map adds, “Yeah, it was like finding a little treasure as I was cleaning out my office. It’s not just our neighborhood either – the entire NOMA, Shaw and NE SE areas are comprised of just empty blocks. Quite stark.”