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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Get Off My Lawn—And Your Dog, Too!: One member of the Crestwood email list is none too pleased with their neighbors and their neighbors’ canine pals. “My yard is not a dog park. Please do not stand in the middle of my yard, talking loudly on your cell phone while your dog runs free in my yard (sometimes digging up bare spots in a lawn that I have spent a lot of money and time making attractive). Please do not leave dog poop in my lawn. Please do not put your dog poop in my garbage can,” they write. If you’re a Crestwood resident unsure of how to behave around this neighbor, they go on to provide a handy list of appropriate actions: “I humbly suggest three things: 1. Let your dog run freely thru your home yard. 2. Let your dog leave poop in your home yard. 3. Put your dog poop in your home garbage can. Thanks in advance neighbor for your neighborly consideration.”


Runnin’ Scared: The Brightwoodian has, diligently, been all over the conversation surrounding the Georgia Avenue NW Walmart. Three neighborhood urban planners came out against the project at a meeting held by two ANC 4B commissioners: Along with the usual concerns of the destruction of small businesses and developer Foulger-Pratt’s plan for a single-use site, it was pointed out that the plan totally ignores adjacent Missouri Avenue NW and focuses only on activating one rather small section of Georgia Avenue. In another post, the blog analyzes a Walmart mailer—which looks as if “they’re conducting an ill-fated political campaign.”

On Tap: Shaw’s favorite sit-down restaurant (and possessor of punniest name) Beau Thai has secured its liquor license, reports RenewShaw. The sit-down Thai spot now has a full bar, and will apply next for outdoor seating. A few blocks to the west, the old post office building at 14th & T Streets NW is being considered for a restaurant, reports Borderstan. But the blog writes that it might not be an easy path from empty building to flourishing dining establishment: “Two small buildings at 1407-1409 T Street NW could become a new restaurant in the 14th Street corridor — but the path may not be simple. One of them is a former U.S. Post Office that has long been used as an annex for storing furniture for Ruff & Ready. The other has been renovated and sits empty. The two buildings are zoned commercial and while they face the Room and Board store across the street, everything else on the 1400 block of  T Street is residential, and close by at that. LoopNet lists the property as 1407-1409 and shows the two buildings joined by a two-story addition.”

Cleveland Park, ISO: “We are seeking an already-crate- trained or mostly crate-trained cockapoo or cavapoo to adopt ASAP. If you have, or know someone who has, a young (older puppy to 3 year old) cockapoo or cavapoo that you would like to place in a loving, attentive home, please contact me! We have two teens, a small fenced-in back yard and will take good care of him/her,” writes one member of the Cleveland Park email list. Retrievers, Cocker spaniels, and Weimaraners need not apply.