Illustration by Brooke Hatfield

This much is certain: The Wizards’ days of losing in teal are over!

The team unveiled its new color scheme today. City Desk’s own Kyle Weidie went to the ceremony and wrote it up. TBD and The Great Dan Steinberg, the H.L. Mencken of the increasingly vital “Who Are You Wearing?” school of sports reporting, have more details.

Irene Pollin, the widow of former owner Abe Pollin, liked the new look, according to an official statement:

I am absolutely delighted by the newly unveiled Wizards uniforms. The return to a red, white and blue color scheme is a wonderful way to celebrate the past while looking towards the future. The revamped logos are a strong, favorable and natural evolution of the Wizards brand, and I applaud Ted Leonsis for bringing this refreshing, yet familiar look back for Wizards fans of all ages to enjoy. My heart is still with you—go Wizards!

You can now buy next season’s shirt from the team’s online store for $35.99 to $75.99. Who knows when you’ll be able to pay half to see ’em play in the fancy garb?

City Desk ran a gallery of proposed new Wizards logo combos in March. None of our genius suggestions were adopted.

Instead, the team will go back to the red, white and blue stripes that the franchise first adopted in 1973 as the Capital Bullets.

The bad news: Your Gilbert Arenas jersey, whether home or away, teal or copper, is worth even less today than it was yesterday.

The good news: A return to “Washington Bullets” has never seemed so possible!

The best news: There’s no crooked or curly “W” in the new design that we have to worry about losing to Walgreens.